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Bergstaðarstræti 42
101 Reykjavík

+354 6982466

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Work we do

Things we make

Shaping Ideas into reality - we take the process from start to finish. Sometimes hand crafted, often collaborating with fantastic makers and broad minded companies but what we really like the most is to discover how the creative mind works with both human and technical possibilities.

What is extremely important for me is to play and let my mind go free. I start something and allow the inspiration on the way lead me. On later stages, it can be to down to earth product design. Some I choose to take in that direction, some just remain playful.
— Guðrún Lilja

Making things.....

 Thinking of the naked piece and if it had the possibility to "dress" up once in a while..

... if you want to "pirate" then there is a leg for it...

Thinking about making another chair..