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Selected by Bility

"Selected by bility" is a new platform for young and talented designers.

Why Selected?

For some years we at Studiobility have been involved in design education. What we have noticed is that there are few opportunities for newly graduated creatives when they are taking their first steps in product design. Therefor we are starting this new platform  "Selected by Bility" where we invite them to design a new product where everyone gain in the process.

With the help of our new Icelandic Design Fund and our experience working with design, development and business we where able to invite the first three selected designers to participate!

Meet the first three talents

Thorleifur Gunnar Gíslason, Elín Bríta Sigvaldadóttir, og Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson 

Their work is in process and the first products where shown at the Icelandic DesignMarch 26 - 31 march 2014. You can buy the first one at Aurum design shop Bankastraeti 4  Reykjavík or at our web store

Go to our SHOP to buy the Krafla lightshade

 Krafla Lightshade

Krafla is a cauldron-like volcanic feature in the North East of Iceland in the Mývatn region. The Krafla geothermal area has boiling mud pools and steaming fumaroles some visible but others covered with small dome shelters that where the inspiration for the Krafla lightshade. The names of the different shades stem from actual number of wells that the dome shelters cover. Colours of the shades are inspired from the hues of the geothermal area. 

  • Made of 298gr/m2 Crystalline paper.
  • Comes in a flat pack (requires assembly)
  • Can be assembled in at least 12 different ways.
  • 5 different colour options to chose from.
  • Fully recyclable
  • Glue free

Designers: Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson & Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason 

Eldleiftur  Copper Shade

Eldleiftur means a bright flash of light

The light shade is inspired by a text written in an Icelandic newspaper in 1968 describing the Katla volcanic eruption.

When the bright gleam of sunset hit the volcanic ash it lit up in a striking orange colour. Afterwards the darkness took over and the ash was lit from within by lightning strikes and glowing sparks that came alive for a second before fading out. A violent roar of blasts and explosions so mighty that the earth trembled followed this endless vision of lightning.

Designer: Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson

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Solstice Mobile

A solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year. A solstice either marks the longest day of the year (summer solstice) or the shortest (winter solstice). Both mark the climax of the season.

The space between day and night fades away and they melt into one. At summer solstice the sun lights up the night in contrast with the winter solstice when the moon illuminates the day. The sun and the moon change roles although always connected and truly indivisible.

Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, 20 –

22 June. Outer circle copper/inner circle steel –the sun is dominant.

Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, 20-23 December.

Outer circle steel/inner circle copper – the moon is dominant. 

Designer : Elín Bríta Sigvaldaóttir

Year of design: 2014

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Hringfari Clock

Hringfari means a drawing compass

The hands on the clock are moved by the center point of the perfectly round dials both travelling in circles just as when you use the drawing compass making a perfect circle from a center. This clock brings together the hand and dials in one circular shape – the copper as the minutes and the steel as the hours. The arch in between tells the time.

Designer: Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason

Year of design: 2014

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Thank you all for visiting Selected by Bility at the Aurum shop location, we had a great response and where delighted with the interest visitors showed in the designs.  Carmel, speical thank you for mentioning the project in the FRAMEWEB post about DesignMarch

See their work in process

Sketches, illustrations, paper models, prototypes and videos