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Bergstaðarstræti 42
101 Reykjavík

+354 6982466


Products we sell


After the financial crises in 2008 our team at Studiobility sat down to think of something new to create. Something that would be affordable, light and easy to ship all over the world. A new product, that would be beautiful, tell our story and reflect on Icelandic nature & narratives.

The new creation became the brand ,,Bility" small flat pack products, designed by various designers that draw their inspiration from Icelandic nature, experiences or cultural roots, each telling its own story.

The products are designed in Iceland and made in Europe (UK and Iceland). We only work with companies that focus on recycling or/and are eco-labeled. The products are digitally etched from stainless steel and packaging contains no harmful inks; both are recyclable

Bility is a small family business, a growing branch of our studio Studiobility.

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The Designers of the feather light Bility products are Gudrun Lilja Creative Director of Studiobility,

Rúna Thors , Megan Herbert, and Jenny Ekdahl 

Selected by Bility 

For some years we at Studiobility have been involved in design education. What we have noticed is that there are few opportunities for newly graduated creatives when they are taking their first steps. Therefor we are starting a new platform "Selected by Bility" where we invite them to design a new product where everyone gain in the process.

With the help of our new Icelandic Design Fund and our experience working with design, development and business we where able to invite the first three talented designers to participate!

The Designers of the Selected by Bility products are Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson, Elín Bríta Sigvaldadóttir and Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason

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