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DESMA Chats - Design Managers and Creative Leadership


Stay tuned, soon we will start telling your stories... where you can discover what we are up to, who we will cooperate with and where it will take us!

DESMA Chats - Design Managers and Creative Leadership

Gudrun Lilja

I was invited to chat on an interesting platform "DESMA ChatsThe DESMA - DESign & MAnagement network engages academia and practice in rethinking the relationship between design and management. DESMA moves beyond traditions of applying design to management and management to design to find new spaces where design and management overlap and pollinate each other. Thank you DESMA people for asking me to be a part of this network. Hope to see more of DESMA influences in the future :-)

If you want to watch the chat you can see it HERE - if you want to find out more about my research you can read my Theses or watch a short video about some work in process.