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Stay tuned, soon we will start telling your stories... where you can discover what we are up to, who we will cooperate with and where it will take us!

Day five - Processing / dagur fimm - þróun

Gudrun Lilja

We took a time-laps over one hour when the Ultimaker was printing one piece...

People that visit the workshop have been asking about the programs used for drawing the ideas in the computer so we made a list of some available software that you can try out. Most of them have tutorials online.

Free 3D applications : Google Sketchup / Blender 3D / Autodesk 123D Design / Rhino (trial)

Modular modeling : Firefly / Arduino / Grashopper / Rhino

Paid programs : Modo / Maya / 3D Studio Max / Cinema 4D

Organic 3D programs : Sculptris / Mjdbox / Z-Brush

If you want to print our your designs you have to export the files as “stl” and upload the stl into the software that comes with each printer. (Makerware  for the Makerbot printers and Cura for the Ultimaker printer)